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The First Principles

"First Principles" thinking is a way of reasoning and thinking about things differently from how most people think. This way of thinking starts with basic ideas or facts and then builds on that solid foundation to create a comprehensive understanding of problems and available solutions. The two most essential questions in "First Principles" thinking can be done by asking questions such as "why?" and "how does this work?" This way of thinking can be helpful when trying to understand complex problems or concepts.

Medicare 101

Medicare is the most successful US health insurance program in terms of coverage for the health of US citizens and permanent residents who are 65 or older. It has provided healthcare coverage to US citizens or permanent residents of any age with irreversible kidney failure since 1965. Medicare provides essential protection against the basic costs of health care, but it doesn't cover all medical expenses or the cost of long-term care.

Life Insurance 101

Life insurance provides peace of mind while alive and financial support for your loved ones should something happen to you. If loved ones in your family depend financially on you, having Life Insurance is crucial for your family's success.

Meta Senior Insurance Newsletter

Meta Senior Insurance will release quarterly newsletters with practical information on how to make the most of Life Insurance, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and other must-have Senior Supplemental Insurance products that can help seniors get ahead during retirement, and protect their loved ones, and bring joy and purpose to their senior years.

Insights & Research

Meta Senior Insurance's team of writers, combined with its researchers, spend hours researching articles about Medicare, life insurance, and senior supplemental insurance products. Our writers and editors utilize their years of experience and knowledge to compose new information that would reduce the complexity of understanding Medicare and equip seniors to make informed decisions.


Our FAQ section addresses common Medicare and Life Insurance-related questions. Keep in mind that each senior's situation is unique. We urge you to work with a knowledgeable and licensed independent agent at Meta Senior Insurance who has access to multiple carriers and can provide a detailed comparison. Give us a call at 603-696-4394 or 1-833-META-T65 for a free comparison.

Medicare Glossary

Our Medicare glossary explains terminology in the Medicare program. Beware, some of these terms will make you yawn!!

Life Insurance Glossary

Please check out our Life Insurance Glossary below for a quick reminder of frequently used life insurance terms. We understand the intricacy of Medicare, life insurance, annuities, and supplemental insurance products inside out. Our advisors at Meta Senior Insurance are trained to explain these products and services and help you find the best solutions. Call us at 603-696-4394 or 1-833-META-T65, and we can help you understand Medicare/ Life Insurance intricacies in detail.

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